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To those of you who enjoy your meals sitting down… at a table, I hope to someday be like you!  Lately I have been so busy that the term “lunch break” is completely foreign to me–in fact many of my meals are consumed whilst standing, working, and usually on the go.  I do not condone eating while driving, but unfortunately I am no stranger to this practice.  Can a girl catch a break?  Hopefully soon… but I am not complaining as I usually turn to Orgain to help get me through the day.

In my “less than conscious eating days” I would drink Ensure as a meal replacement, and I would always struggle to get it down… keep it down… TMI.  Lets just say the Ensure taste department has left the building–better yet shut down completely.  I didn’t have many options though so I continued to drink Ensure not realizing how unhealthy this product is!

How I found Orgain:  About two years ago my mother was diagnosed with the big “C” and was losing weight at a rapid pace. She is doing great now, but at the time we were not sure how long she would be around, and it really was not looking good.  The chemo diminished her appetite and robbed her of the strength she needed to fight the disease.  I turned to Whole Foods Market in my quest for a drinkable meal replacement that would be easy on her tummy and her taste buds.  I can almost cry as I write this because I feel like this moment helped save her life.  I browsed the drink aisle for a while and felt delighted when I found Orgain because there was nothing like it on the shelves!

Orgain Review: That night my mother tried Orgain, and fell in love–she was pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture!  She began drinking Orgain instead of eating solid foods because of her suppressed appetite, and in a few weeks she started gaining her weight back. Soon she was drinking Orgain in between meals, and… I couldn’t resist–I began drinking Orgain too :).  Together we would purchase cases of Orgain, but they were so good we found we couldn’t keep them around!  Although Orgain is a meal replacement shake I started drinking them as snacks and having them as dessert.  The taste and consistency is perfection, and the chocolate flavor reminds me of a chocolate milk shake!  I began recommending Orgain to everyone I knew, and a local health food shop near me started carrying it upon our recommendation. Orgain has become a staple in my diet and its popularity has grown since I first tried it years ago.  If you want to try Orgain there is a link below to purchase it from Amazon.  Orgain has recently released a new strawberries and cream flavor that I will be reviewing and giving away to one subscriber!  I hope you’ve enjoyed my Orgain review!  This is one on the go meal that keeps this girl on her toes!


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