10 Ways to Get Cheap Gym Memberships in 2023


Summary of key points

Joining a gym or fitness club may seem like the perfect plan to achieve your fitness goals, but it’s important to be aware of the potential expensive drawbacks.

There are numerous ways to securely discount gym memberships and save money, and we’ll share a comprehensive list of tips. So, if you’re curious about obtaining affordable gym memberships, keep reading!

#1 Choose the right time

Gyms typically have dedicated periods throughout the year when they introduce promotional deals. For example: During January, there is a notable increase in gym memberships due to New Year’s resolutions. Many gyms take advantage of this by providing discounted packages.

As summer draws near, another wave of discounts is rolled out to attract individuals striving to achieve their desired “summer body”. Keeping these patterns in mind can assist you in timing your sign-ups to maximise savings.

#2 Avoid free food halls

You may come across promotions that offer free food, even though it may seem counterintuitive. Some gyms organise events like free pizza nights or bagel buffets. While carbohydrate-loading is common before tough endurance tests or marathons, indulging in pizza on a regular Tuesday night delivery can hinder your fitness goals. Doing so might prolong your gym membership and require additional dues.

Instead, consider joining a gym that doesn’t include these food freebies. Typically, the cost of these “perks” is already factored into your membership fee. By choosing a gym without these offerings, you may find a lower rate. Additionally, you can bring your healthy snacks to consume before and after your workout. This approach allows you to save money and maintain your waistline.

#3 Virtual Gyms

No gym discounts can be as profitable as playing sports at home. Of course, you need a community and a virtual gym can be that. Many platforms provide virtual gym experiences or online fitness classes that are not your typical gym. These options are often more cost-effective and give you the flexibility to exercise from the comfort of your own home. Ensure to use a VPN to avoid falling victim to scammers. Alternatively, if you enjoy watching sports, you can use it for beIN Sports online. Moreover, you are transmitting valuable information, including bank details, so it is better not to take risks. Furthermore, you can frequently discover discount vouchers for these services on platforms such as Love Discount Vouchers.

#4 Best sports deals at the end of the month

January offers a wide array of promotions, but holding off until the month’s end could secure an even better gym membership deal. Gyms and health clubs often require associates to meet sales quotas on memberships. By waiting until the end of the month, you increase the chances of receiving additional perks as staff members strive to meet their goals, and they might be more open to negotiation in general.

Additionally, it’s important to stay mindful of extras. While complimentary items are great, the costs of constantly renting shoes or purchasing bottled water can quickly accumulate. Investing in reusable water bottles is a simple and affordable solution that proves useful both inside and outside the gym.

    #5 Choose halls with the possibility of early termination of membership

    Signing up for a long-term gym membership may come with a significant drawback – releasing your right to cancel. Certain contracts might bind you to pay an early withdrawal fee, similar to cell phone plans. In some cases, cancellation may not be possible until the contract term ends, resulting in financial repercussions. For instance, situations like relocating or the gym changing ownership can leave you paying for an unusable service.

    It’s worth noting that gyms often make cancelling challenging, even if it is permitted. They may require in-person meetings and almost always offer incentives to encourage you to continue. Whether it’s a reduced rate or added benefits, they’ll employ various tactics to keep you on board for at least another month. Even when cancellation can be done remotely, you’ll usually have to engage with a representative via phone or live chat. In summary, cancelling your membership typically won’t be as simple as clicking a button or following an online link.

    #6 Evaluate your capabilities

    Many Americans tend to sign up for gym memberships in January, but statistics show that up to 67% of these memberships end up unused. It’s crucial to be realistic about your goals when signing up. Although a yearlong contract might seem cheaper per month compared to a month-to-month setup, it’s important to consider how you would feel if you barely went to the gym during a particular month. This could lead to feelings of guilt and wasted money, ultimately intensifying the stress of not meeting your gym attendance goals.

    If you prefer not to pay every month, you can explore alternatives like paying per class or visit or considering a programme such as ClassPass. Depending on your location and the plan you choose, ClassPass offers the flexibility of paying anywhere between $19 to $159 per month. Additionally, you will have enough credits to book a minimum of three classes or as many as 30.

    #7 Beware of multi-club access

    Be cautious of clubs and gyms that attempt to lure you into purchasing multi-club access. In principle, it implies the ability to use various locations within the same network. While this may appear appealing, especially for frequent travellers, it’s important to exercise caution as you could end up paying extra for this feature. Basic memberships may not grant access to all locations, so it’s crucial to double-cheque and understand what you’re paying for before signing up. Feel free to enquire and request explicit terms, and thoroughly read through the details to ensure there are no surprises.

    #8 Beware of new features

    Be cautious of gyms that promise grand benefits that are not yet available. Your sales representative might pressure you to enrol, citing forthcoming features. However, unless there is concrete evidence of ongoing construction or a specific date provided, you may be taking a significant gamble. If the enhancements are cancelled or delayed, the year-long contract that you purchased for the allure of an Olympic-sized pool could prove to be a costly disappointment.

    #9 Ask for a discount

    After researching different options, you will be equipped to negotiate a better rate at your preferred club. Act a bit disinterested and play hard to get. On your first visit, skip the sign-up process and wait until you’re ready to discuss business. Be confident in asking for a lower monthly rate, waived fee, or a shorter contract period.

    #10 Review the contract carefully

    Gym contracts typically contain extensive fine print, sometimes even comparable in length to the paperwork required for purchasing a car or house. Neglecting a thorough examination of the contract could result in unpleasant surprises down the road. Furthermore, even if you are confident in your commitment to visiting the gym four times a week, we discourage signing up for a facility that imposes a minimum yearlong contract.

    Opt instead for a gym that offers payment options per visit or on a month-to-month basis. While you may not receive the most favourable rate, it is still preferable to lose a significant portion of your funds due to automatic renewal.


    You can save money on the gym if you take the right approach. Sometimes you should wait for better prices, sometimes you should choose a gym with fewer privileges or unobvious difficulties in terminating your membership. Explore the offers around you based on the knowledge we offer and you can buy a sports club membership for less.

    Makayla is a medical expert and editor @ WholeYum.


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