6 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Brooklyn


The vegan and vegetarian lifestyle have been increasing in popularity over the years, so its not surprising that a plethora of delicious restaurants are popping up to accommodate this diet. The big apple is no exception and has some delicious options when it comes to finding somewhere to eat that will not only make you feel good but taste good too.

1. Verdure – Vegan

7804 Flatlands Avenue,

Brooklyn, NY 11236

Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of this delicious and exciting Jamaican style vegan restaurant. They offer options such as vegan patties and pizza, along with cakes and juices to satisfy your cravings. Plenty of fruit options are available to satisfy that sweet tooth.

    2. Champs Diner – Vegan

    197 Meserole Street

    Brooklyn, NY 11206

    Vegan junk food is their specialty at this hot spot. Indulge in anything from a salad to shakes, everything being 100% vegan. They are constantly creating new items, such as their Pride Flag Cheesecake, being both colorful and delectable. When you’re hankering for something good to eat that is health conscious, head over to Champs Diner for them to serve you up whatever you’re craving.

    3. The VSPOT – Vegan

    156 5th Avenue

    Brooklyn, NY 11217

    This vegan café offers plenty of options to cater to any need, including kosher and gluten free dishes with Latin accents. Take in the relaxing indoor ambiance that provides a laid-back dining experience, and make your selection from their choice of meals, including nachos, burritos and empanadas. Eating here, you will be sure to get your fill.

    4. Vegetarian Palate – Vegetarian

    603 Washington Avenue,

    Brooklyn, NY 11238

    Have you ever craved Chinese food, but wanted to skip out on the meat? Vegetarian Palate is the perfect vegetarian restaurant that serves both vegetarian and vegan versions of your favorite Asian dishes, available for both takeout and delivery. You will be able to satiate your desire for Chinese food without the guilt.

    5. Modern Love – Vegan

    317 Union Avenue,

    Brooklyn, NY 11211

    This restaurant serves up a café atmosphere that respects modern and retro décor with the option of indoor and outdoor seating. The plates are elegantly created with your dining pleasure in mind. They offer many feel-good options, such as seitan buffalo wings, Nacho Mac & Shews and the to die for Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake. In addition to the food being completely vegan, they also utilize compostable utensils to further respect mother nature. If you and your friends are looking for somewhere to eat with a wide variety of options, Modern Love is the place to go.

    6. Sol Sips – Vegan

    276 Knickerbocker Avenue,

    Brooklyn, NY 11237

    This quaint location provides not only a serene atmosphere but drool worthy food as well. This café is known for their sandwiches and bowls, juices and smoothies, and their interesting dandelion brews. You can enjoy their specialty of plant’d chick’n. Additionally, they offer meal kits for you to create some of their delicious recipes at home.

    It appears the options are endless when it comes to finding a vegan/vegetarian restaurant to eat in Brooklyn, NY. The area is large and always active, meaning that plenty of budding vegan foodies are looking to claim their stake and bring their delicious recipes to the community for everyone to enjoy.

    One of these restaurants are sure to be your new favorite hot spot to catch a healthy bite to eat with friends or family.

    Makayla is a medical expert and editor @ WholeYum.


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