6 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Denver


If you’re looking to try something new, vegan and vegetarian meals are fresh and exciting, as well as healthy. Some people may be concerned that the food won’t be as good without the use of animal products, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Your meals can be just as delicious without using meat or dairy, and these places listed below are a great place to get your grub on.

1. Bang Up To The Elephant Vegan

1310 Pearl St,

Denver, CO 80203

This restaurant offers up a relaxing oasis inside and out in a light filled space full of elegant plants. Their food is Caribbean inspired and colorfully appealing. Enjoy one of their tropical mixed drinks to go with an appetizing starter of cauliflower wingers, covered in trini hot sauce and island ranch. For your main dish, indulge in their many options, including bowl-o-lo mein, seitan Cubano or coconut curry. When looking to enjoy outside dining on a warm summer’s day, this place is a hot spot for cool drinks and great eats.

2. The Corner Beet – Vegetarian

1401 N Ogden St,

Denver, CO 80218

The Corner Beet is a café in an industrial space that provides an artsy feeling and a dedication to lighter vegetarian fare. The produce is 100% organic, and they have a love for pressed juices. Indulge your senses in a BYO avocado toast with Earth Root Latte and finish it all off with a vegan cookie. This is a great place to meet up with friends for a light lunch and to catch up with some freshly brewed coffee in a laid-back atmosphere.

3. Meta Burger – Vegan

7950 E Mississippi Ave,

Denver, CO 80247

Enjoy the American classics at this casual location. Meta Burger is 100% plant based fast casual dining that prides themselves in being convenient to everyone. They have an array of options when it comes to their vegan burgers, and you can partner it with sides such as waffle fries, mac and cheese or a salad. To get the full experience, wash it all down with one of their shakes. This restaurant is perfect for the experience of fast food but as a healthier option.

  1. 4. Piante Pizzeria – Vegan
  2. 1350 S Broadway,

    Denver, CO 80210

    Check out this pizzeria and bar in a warehouse style space with courtyard seating. This location is a family owned and operated wood fire kitchen that is completely plant based. You can expect New York City styled pizzas, as well as healthy salads and desserts made with your health in mind. Socialize at the bar by ordering a drink and one of their specialty pies and soak in the modernized atmosphere.

5. Wellness Sushi – Vegan

939 Bannock St,

Denver, CO 80204

Sushi doesn’t always mean raw fish. This restaurant serves up 100% plant-based sushi and redefines these authentic flavors by using healthy ingredients for a forward-thinking approach to normal sushi. The owner previously worked as a traditional sushi chef for years before his wife and him decided to open their own restaurant to create plant-based sushi. They offer some tasty rolls such as the Royal Potato Roll, as well as different types of ramens. Indulge your taste buds with their Japanese style menu that will leave you satisfied and feeling great about choosing an organic option.

6. Superfood Bar – Vegan

1541 Platte St,

Denver, CO 80202

Superfood Bar is the epitome of superfood, just as their name suggests. This means you can be rest assured that each item will be free of preservatives, sugars, nut milks, gluten, soy or corn. With all this absent from the food, they promise that it does not sacrifice the taste! Venture out and try a smoothie, soup, salad or hot wrap, all guaranteed to be made organically with a high flavor profile.

Flavor does not have to be sacrificed for health. These restaurants have made it their mission to create high quality menu items that are beneficial for your mind and body, as well as taste great.

Autumn is an Editor @ WholeYum, passionate about holistic health and nutrition.


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