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Gua Sha is the latest trend in the skincare world, and for good reason. It’s extremely helpful to your overall health and wellbeing. In this article, we’ll discuss what exactly Gua Sha is, the benefits of it, and how to use it on different parts of your body.

What is the gua sha trend?

You may be familiar with Gua Sha as a treatment used by acupuncturists and massage therapists where they utilize a stone tool to roll or scrape your skin in outward motions. However, you can do this process at home with a Gua Sha stone or roller that you can purchase online.

Gua Sha comes from traditional Chinese Medicine where it was used as a natural healing practice to relieve pain, inflammation, and more.

What are gua sha tools made of?

You may be asking: does the material of stone really matter? Aren’t they all the same? They do all promote lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, and do the things listed above. However, some of them are used for more specific purposes like the following:

  • Rose Quartz – Many say that rose quartz has a calming effect. For that reason, it’s best for those with acne-prone or hypersensitive skin.
  • Jade quartz – Jade is a great stone to use on your face when you wake up in the morning since it has a cooling sensation. It will brighten your face and help you shake off your sleepiness.
  • Amethyst – This stone also has a cooling effect on the skin, but also helps relieve tension, inflammation, and pain. It promotes healing.
  • Black Obsidian – Black obsidian is a stone commonly associated with protection and promoting positive energy.
  • Bian stone – This stone is said to give off ultrasound pulses that help with anti-aging and wrinkles. Professionals often use bian stones for hot stone massage.

Types of gua sha tools

Similar to how there are many materials that Gua Sha stones are made of, there are also a variety of shapes. These shapes serve a specific purpose depending on what area of the body you use them on. Here are a few of the kinds:

S-shaped – This stone is longer and thinner, resembling an “S.” It’s very multi-functional, in that it can be used on a lot of areas of your body with maximum results – such as your feet, hands, back, face, arms, and more.

Dolphin-shaped – You may not immediately notice that this stone looks like a dolphin, but when you look at it from the side it bears resemblance to a dolphin leaping out of the water. It helps relieve muscle tension and inflammation when used on the larger areas of your body, like your back.

Wing-shaped – This stone looks similar to a comb with a three-pronged edge. It helps most on smaller areas of your face.

Square-shaped – Quite literally shaped like a square, this stone has two prongs on one side. The prongs have a wide enough space in between them that allows the stone to hug your jawline when being used. Because of this, it’s most beneficial when used on your face.

Benefits of gua sha tools

Gua Sha is a wonderful addition to your regular skincare routine. Not only is Gua Sha used by professionals to aid in pain relief, but using a roller or stone can also help with the following:

  • Brightens your face, especially after sleep
  • Aids in smoothing skin and makes it firmer
  • Reduces puffiness and swelling
  • Helps drain the lymph nodes
  • Relieves tension and pain, which can help you sleep better
  • Aids in reducing wrinkles and anti-aging properties
  • Helps regenerate new skin cells
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps with acne and other skin conditions
  • Breaks up scar tissue

How to use gua sha tools on your face

Whether you receive Gua Sha treatment during a facial or choose to buy your own roller or stones and do it at home, there are specific techniques you should use to optimize your results.

  • Wash your face with your usual regimen so that it’s clean when you start. It doesn’t help to just push around dirt or make-up on your face. That will not help your pores like being fresh-faced will.
  • Use moisturizer or oil on your face. This will make it easier to make stroking motions with the stone across your skin. It will also help work the product into your skin as well.
  • Use the flat side of the stone on whatever part of your face that you choose (eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, jawline, etc.). Use the stone or roller in a sweeping motion towards the edge of your face. For example, if you are using it on your cheeks, then start at the side of your nose and stroke towards your ear and then down, so that it drains your lymph nodes.
  • Repeat the previous step multiple times. You can do it as much as you want, although be careful how much pressure you apply since it can make your face feel sore at first. Some do this every day or multiple times a week. Keep an eye on your skin and listen to your body and give your face a break if it needs it.

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How to use gua sha tools on your body

As previously mentioned, you can go and have Gua Sha done for you by a professional at either an acupuncture or massage therapy office. Some naturopaths may utilize it as well in their treatment. You can go to one of these healthcare professionals and they can make a treatment plan for you and do Gua Sha over an extended period of time.

If you choose to do it yourself at home, then you should follow a similar standard as you would on your face. Start at one end and use a scraping or stroking motion towards the other end.

Of course, as always, when you add anything to your routine, you should first consult your doctor. Especially if you’re taking a medication for your skin.

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Makayla is a medical expert and editor @ WholeYum.


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