How To Age Backwards No Matter Your Age


It’s true that there is no cure for aging. It is a natural part of our life cycle and something that shouldn’t be cause for fear. While aging happens to everyone, there are ways to naturally slow down this process by keeping yourself healthy.

Many may flock to the use of cosmetics or dyes to primp themselves into falsely looking younger, but where the real age reversal happens is when you are taking care of your core being. Jot down some of these tips to help you in your journey to slowing down mother natures clock.

1.  Use non-toxic sunscreen

When it comes to aging, our skin seems to be the first thing that gives it away. It begins to droop, wrinkle and start spotting without our consent. Sunscreen can be heavily looked over and forgotten about when heading out for a day in the sun, leaving you with a nasty burn. Using this each time you are staying in the sun for extended periods of time will protect yourself from destructive UVA rays and UVB rays. When using sunscreen, it helps blocks these rays and in turn assists in preventing many kinds of skin cancers. Opt for natural, non-toxic sunscreen.

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    2.  Destress and get rest

    Stress is a factor in everyone’s lives. There is no way around it as it is the body’s natural reaction to a bad situation, but it can be controlled. Spending time doing what you enjoy or just relaxing without worrying about everything on your plate is important to helping to reverse the effects of aging. It has been shown that stress can shorten your telomeres, making it difficult for them to replicate to create healthy DNA sequences. Excessive stress over extended periods of time can cause an increased risk to different medical conditions, as well as cause an early death.

    3. Use retinoids in your skincare routine

    This goes hand in hand with sunscreen. Retinoids are topical skin lotions that have a plethora of different uses. Some can treat acne, lighten age spots and reduce wrinkles. The way that these creams and serums work is it goes to the DNA level by increasing the production of collagen, a substance that keeps your skin firm. It also stimulates new blood vessels to grow and increases the rate at which surface skins cell turnover so healthier cells can replace them. By using these regularly, you can tackle the issues that you are most concerns about and maintain healthier skin before you can notice unsightly characteristics.

    4. Regular exercise

    Everyone knows exercise is good for the mind and body. A specific exercise that has been shown to reverse the effects of aging is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It has been proven to slow down the effects of aging as well as increasing telomere length. A study was done with older individuals who when exercised regularly, had the cardiovascular health similar to individuals 30 years younger than themselves.

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    5. Meditation

    Meditating is both relaxation and a workout for the brain. It allows you to calm your body down while focusing on whatever is most important to you. Meditating can increase memory as well as reduce stress reactions. It may even be possible for this to improve in older individuals as well if done regularly.

    6. Positive relationships

    Maintaining happy and healthy relationships is a crucial part of reversing the natural aging process. This is because when you feel happy and safe in your surroundings, you have a calmer outlook. You will have lower levels of the hormone cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Having people in your life that radiate positivity and are good support systems for you can diminish feelings of loneliness as well as increase longevity and happiness.

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    Aging should be an expected and graceful event that occurs in everyone’s live. There is no running from the inevitable, but you can sure slow down the process. Taking care of your mind and body is the number one way to ensure you are not rapidly declining. The old saying goes, “An object in motion stays in motion”, and this is true!

    Eating healthy, exercising, protecting your skin and more all play a part when it comes to retaining your youth. Following these tips will help you not only look younger, but feel a lot younger as well.

    Talaia loves all things health and is the Founder/CEO of WholeYum.


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