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How To Develop a Good Relationship With Food


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How To Develop a Good Relationship With Food

A good relationship with food is significant. It would help if you felt you could eat anything at any time. A healthy relationship with food means you can take any food that makes you feel good within yourself. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any food that is out of bounds for you to eat.

This article explores what it truly means to have a good relationship with food and its benefits.

What is a good relationship with food?

A good relationship with food means how you relate to your food. Do you eat what your body craves or what your textbook diet stipulates?

Eating what your body craves and desires is an indication of a good relationship with food. When You stop making your food reward, you are developing good relationships with your food.

Focus on the food you can eat, with nutritional content instead of the food you can not take due to one diet or the other. When you love what you eat, your relationship with your food is good. Eating vicariously with enjoyment and relish is another symptom of having a good relationship with food.

How to develop a good relationship with your food

 There are many symptoms of good relationships with food. We have highlighted some tips to improve your relationship below.


  • Allow yourself to enjoy any food you love and desire
  • Don’t take any food as off-limits to you.
  • Don’t pay too much attention to scale calorie count
  • Don’t be influenced by people opinion
  • You should know that your food does not define you
  • Don’t allow calories to be the main focus of your food choices.

Factors to consider for weight loss

is very important in relationships. It is a crucial part of any relationship. You eat on a date, with your friends and families.

1. Your social gathering.

Food is an essential aspect of life, presented in social gatherings. When there is a wedding, birthday food is always involved. Food is essential, and it plays a significant role in our social lives.

However, there are so many diets out there. And with such different people following different kinds of diets, it can get a bit confusing.

Eat healthily, do not eat food based on a too high calorie or too low calorie. Carry snacks that you love everywhere with you so that you can eat when your body craves them. Unless there is a specific allergy that prevents you from eating certain foods, all foods are okay as long as you eat them moderately.

2. Food as a reward

People, usually parents or teachers, use food as a reward for any good deed done by their wards. Employers Reward their employees with a  dinner party, more so we reward ourselves with food or something. After, maybe some stressful day at work.

Suppose this becomes too much, a routine that is done every day and is done too commonly. It can make you choose unhealthy food choices and affect your health. Food is an essential part of our life. We have to eat; there is no choice about this. The body survives on fuel from food. For food to do its job to the most total capacity, you have to develop a good relationship.

3. Stress

In the process of trying to watch the amount of food that is eaten that is taken inside because of wanting to lose weight. It makes people stressed because they’re not getting exactly what they want to eat. Imagine being able to eat chocolate anytime you wish. Isn’t that amazing?

However, it is frustrating to get off work stressed and can’t take something your body craves because you might gain a couple of pounds. In gatherings or parties, the menu is already planned, and the food is not based on your choice but the menu.  Therefore you should take a partial meal before you leave home.

How should you choose your food

Good food is chosen from what your body desires at the moment it is taken.

Dieting does not mean you have a good relationship with food. It consists of types of food which you might dislike.

  • Choose your food based on what your body craves
  • Choosing what your body loves doesn’t mean you should overeat
  • You can eat anything as long as it is taken in moderation, and there is no overeating.

The benefit of a good relationship with a good food relationship

There are health benefits of a good relationship with food. Among which are listed below

●    Mental wellness

When the body gets what it craves, mental health increases and becomes more positive.

●    Health benefit

It can ensure that you won’t lose weight nor over gain weight. A lot of people develop bad eating habits from dieting, or choosing a bad diet plan for them.

●    Stress

It reduces stress in daily life. Eating what you love helps to lower people’s level of stress and prepares their body for more tasks.

When you eat what you love, you become more happy and appreciative of yourself and your surroundings.


The excellent eating relationship is based on eating what the body loves and craves. It should not be based on what is written in some diet books dictating what you can eat and not eat. There are many ways to know if you have a good relationship with your food, such as; eating in public without being self-conscious, eating what you love, focusing on what you can eat and not what you can eat, and more.

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What are you waiting for?
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