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Is Air Frying Your Food Healthy?


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Is Air Frying Your Food Healthy?

Did you know that you can eat fried food that has significantly lower calories? This is the case with air frying food. 

We know how important it is to enjoy good food. However, how much better will it be if the goods can be healthy with lower calories?

Air frying food healthy?

We have done intense research into this matter and have come with a suitable explanation for this matter.


Air frying food

Air frying is a method of cooking used by chefs to fry food. It is done through the use of an air fryer which is a small oven. This oven contains a high concentration of hot air used to fry food with little or no oil.

Air frying is healthy because it contains fewer calories compared to deep-fried food. The process of air-drying ensures there is barest minimum oil, inside and outside the food, while cooking the meat.

Air fryer

The food is fried, such that the calorie that ought to be present is significantly decreased.  Chicken lovers can eat more chicken without the guilt-trip of high calories being present in it.

Hot air is directed at the outside of the food—to be fried, making the exterior crispy and succulent.

It has become a popular way of cooking among chefs, with its effect applauded by many. Food critics have praised the excellent texture of air-fried food compared to deep-fried ones.

How to use an air fryer

To get the best result, with proper taste, you have to know how to use an air fryer. Surely a tailor will not know what to do in an operating theater; why? Because it’s not his specialty.

Therefore you need to master using the air fryer to avoid any accident and fry your food successfully.

– Shake it

Ensure that you open the air fryer basket. Shake the basket, and subsequently, its content to ensure every part of the food inside it is properly fried. You can do this every 5-10min.

– Make space

Don’t overcrowd the food inside the air fryer basket. This will ensure that air circulates well and reaches each snack. Professional chefs have ascertained and confirmed that it makes it crisper.

– Spray the food

Spray the food with some oil or cooking spray to ensure it will not clog and stick to each other. The important thing is to let the air circulate every corner of the food, to fry well.

– Make sure it is dry

While cooking, try to drain the basket of excess oil as much as possible. The oil drainage will make the food healthier and tastier. This scenario applies to chicken especially.

Best air fryer

Will you like to get a good air fryer machine for your kitchen? We got you covered here. With some investigations of types of air fries and their reviews, we have selected the five best air fryers below.

1.   Cosori Quart 5.8 air fryer

We recommend cosori hair fryers as one of the best air fryers on the market. The Cosori air dryer is faster than other air dryers. Moreso, it doesn’t make the food sticky.

Cosori Quart 5.8 air fryer

More importantly, it is not loud. This is very helpful for well-being.

2.   5.5-quart ninja Air fryer Max XL

Ninja Max XL has one of the best manuals, which makes it user-friendly. Anyone without prior knowledge of air dryers can easily navigate its button; they were made accessible and easy to operate.

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer

Quart ninja has a ceramic, removable tray under its basket, which is fantastic as it helps make the food non-sticky. Moreover, the basket and tray can both be washed in the dishwasher, but if you prefer to hand wash, you are free to do so.

3.   Instant vortex plus

Vortex plus is made by one of the best oven producers; it boasts a six-button setting with different commands. It has air fry, roast, broil, bake, dehydrate and reheat all inside one machine.

Instant Vortex Plus

You can also adjust the level of heat in it while cooking for the best results. Moreso, it has been programmed so that you do not have to press the button 20 times before getting to your desired temperature.

4.   Power XL Air Fryer Pro

If you cook in bulk, perhaps for a large family, power XL is the air fryer for you. It has more space than other air fryers and can accommodate more food without them sticking together.

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer

It has a rack where the chickens are cooked, and you can cook a 4-pound chicken in less than an hour.

There is also a drip tray beneath the basket that collects the excess oil that drips down. It also possesses a door that opens freely for easy access to cleaning.

Best food to air dry

At this stage, you might wonder what foods should I air fry. Air frying is an alternative way of cooking for any food that is deeply fried—fried in oil. The foods that come to mind are chicken, chips, beef, and more.

These foods are usually high in calories and not suitable for health, but when air fried, their calories decrease, which makes them healthier to eat.

– Chicken

A guilty pleasure to many; however, they can’t eat it too much due to high-calorie co. A deep-fried snack that becomes healthier when air-fried.

Air fry chicken

– Fish

Fish is one of the many deep-fried foods and, as a result, can be air-fried for healthier and tastier products.

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer

Possible disadvantages of air drying

Although it has been stated many times that air frying food has health advantages over deep frying it, however, that is when compared to deep frying.

Air fryer food still contains a bit of calories, which is best to avoid. So, any fried food like chicken and chips, although healthier when air fried it is still better to not eat it too frequently to prevent complications.


Air frying is when hot air is used for frying food such as chicken, fish, and more. This food initially has high calories, especially when deep-fried. However, they become healthier when air-fried, which is a good thing. 

Examples of the best air fryer ovens include color quart 5.8 air fryer, 5.5 Ninja Airfryer Max XL, Instant vortex plus, power XL fryer pro, and more.

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What are you waiting for?
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