20 Self-Love Journal Prompts to Build Unconditional Self-Esteem


Taking some time to reflect on yourself and aspects of your life is a great way to remind yourself how amazing you truly are! It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget to give yourself love when you’re so busy giving love to others. It’s important to carve some love out for yourself and writing down some of these daily prompts can help you keep in mind how much you are worth! Something so simple can be beneficial in beginning your journey of self-discovery.

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What Is Self-Love?

Self-love is the act of giving yourself love and affection as you would the loved ones in your life. It can be easy to put yourself by the wayside and not take any time for yourself. Whatever it may be, work, school, children, it is far too simple to not make time to acknowledge the greatness that is you. Many enjoy taking a moment do engage in self-care, or a hobby. If you are at a loss at where to begin, journaling is a solution to begin caring for yourself.

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    What Should I Write About?

    You can write about anything! There is no limit on what you must write about to engage in self love and discovery. Anything that is burning on your mind or heart is always a great starting point. Listed below are some prompts to help you get the creative juices flowing and begin your journey to recognizing your self love.

    1. List 10 positive affirmations.

    2. What are some things that make you happy?

    3. What makes you feel loved?

    4. What makes you feel loved?

    5. When do you feel the most confident in yourself?

    6. What kind of compliments do you enjoy giving to others? Give this to yourself.

    7. Write all about an achievement of yours that you are proud of.

    8. List five nice things people have said about you lately.

    9. Name three self-care tasks you would like to start.

    10. What are you dreams and goals for the future?

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    1. 11. I feel most peaceful when…
    1. 12. What morals and values do you have?
    1. 13. Why do you deserve to be happy?
    1. 14. How would your best friend describe you?
    1. 15. What goals are you working on?
    1. 16. What do you think is your biggest weakness? What can you do to improve this?
    1. 17. What is unique about your personality?
    1. 18. I am happiest when…
    1. 19. Write all about a personal achievement of yours that you are proud of.
    1. 20. What boundaries do you need to set for yourself?

    These prompts are a great start to your journey of self-love. Writing these down daily and really thinking about the responses can help you realize things in your life that you are grateful for and things that you could change to improve your life.

    Allow yourself to relax and write down your truth and real thoughts, as it can really help you realize some great things about yourself- or aspects that you may want to improve.

    Autumn is an Editor @ WholeYum, passionate about holistic health and nutrition.


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