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Why Carb Cycling is one of the best ways to lose fat

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Why Carb Cycling is one of the best ways to lose fat

Why Carb Cycling is one of the best ways to lose fat?

Carbohydrates are a major part of a normal diet along with protein and fat. Intake of too many carbs without corresponding work to lose such would cause an increase in a person’s weight.  Knowing this, would it be advisable for a person to quit carbs completely? No. For the body to function properly, it needs the intake of carbs, proteins, and fat. While 1 gram of carbs and proteins only gives about 4 calories, 1 gram of fat gives about 9 calories. What can you do?

What is Carb Cycling?

Although there are no strict definitions for Carb Cycling, it is considered as a strict form of dieting where there is an alternating intake of carbs daily. Originally, carb cycling is used by athletes and bodybuilders who have to burn through a lot of carbs during a heavy workout and fewer carbs during rest days. Carb cycling involves strictly adhering to a form of diet. For athletes and Bodybuilders, it is advisable to have a day of high carb intake followed by three days of low carb intakes, while for the regular everyday person, alternating between a day of high carb intake and a day of low carb intake is advised.

To lose weight with carb cycling might seem tricky for the beginner. Unlike athletes who are used to dietary plans and working off excess carbs, a beginner can get confused on when to enjoy a carb-rich meal, and when to hit the brakes on carbs. It might be tricky, but it isn’t impossible to handle.

Expert advice encourages people interested in a carb diet to follow a 7-day table, to help control the amount of carb intake, by looking at the numbers. Following this plan would definitely be effective in helping you lose weight.

When following this carb cycle, your first two days would be high carb days. On these days, you would allow carbs to make up about 45 to 55 percent of your daily intake. Typically on these days, a reasonable workout session would help regulate the carbs in the body.

The next two days would involve moderate carb intake. These days are days where typical workday stress would be enough to burn out some carbs. Carb intake on moderate days would have carbs forming 30 to 45 percent of your food intake.

The final three days would be the days for low carb intake. Carb consumption within these days should be between 20 to 25 percent of your intake. This is typically planned for days when you would not be engaging in any rigorous exercises or days you would be home watching movies.

There are several meals plans to help you work through this arrangement. These meal plans would effectively weed out carbs that are not healthy for the body while encouraging heather options such as beans, natural dairy products, and fruits.

The magic behind Carb cycling

The magic in carb cycles occurs on days when you stick to low-carb intakes. Low carb days tend to shift the body system into one that relies on fat. This system allows the body to burn up fat as fuel while improving the body’s metabolism in the long haul.

As long as carb cycling is practiced alongside calorie deficit, weight loss is inevitable. Understanding that the principle of weight loss involves burning up more calories than what is taking in daily, Carb cycling can help the body reduce the number of calories taken if practiced effectively.

Is carb cycling restricted to a certain group of people?

No, while it is used more by athletes and bodybuilders, it can be used by anybody, as long as the carb cycle is adapted to the person’s body and strictly followed. A nutritionist and other experts can help define how it should be applied per person.

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