5 Ways to Stay Active Without Going to the Gym


Almost 60% of the world’s population takes up gym & fitness as a New Year’s resolution. However, half of them do not stick to what they commit to and the other half starts hating the boring schedule of hitting the gym day after another.

So, how do you stay in active when you do not like the gym or have a busy life that keeps from reaching to a gym trainer. Well, there are plenty of ways that one can use to stay in shape without seeing the gym at all.

Yes, you heard that right! There are many holistic health and natural-focused ways that one can use to stay fit and in shape without any gym. If you are on a quest to get fitter this New Year, here are some amazing ways that will help you stay active, without going to the gym.


1. Take morning and evening walks

Nature is your best friend and if you can find time to take a walk in your neighborhood park or any nature-filled space near you, you must grab the opportunity to walk an extra mile. All you need to do is give some extra pace to your morning and evening stroll and you can get rid of the extra fat in your body.

Woman walking

2. Eat healthy most of the time 

If you have taken the resolution to eat healthy this year, you better stick to it. Eating healthy food and organic food items is your key to staying in a good shape. If you are eating healthy and cutting the oily, fatty and junk-filled food, you can rest assured that you are working on your fitness goals religiously.

Smoothie bowl

3. Take the stairs wherever you go

Often we skip the stairs and enjoy the luxury and painless elevators to the upper floors of our home and offices. Stop doing that! Just take the step and you are easily adding several steps to your daily count. Taking the stairs gives you an easy exercise which otherwise can be tough to perform. There are stairs everywhere and you will not even know that you have burned some extra calories.

Woman walking up stairs

4. Try at home yoga and body weight workouts

The best form of at-home exercise is Yoga, here are endless yoga asanas that offer you guaranteed results, all you need to do is learn these asanas once and start performing them every day at the comfort of your home.

Woman doing yoga

5. Develop a hobby that gets you active

There is nothing more interesting and helpful than finding your fitness goal through an exercise that you love. Whether you love to swim or ride a bike, you can take it up as a hobby and develop a routine to cut on the fat content. Dance classes, especially Zumba and aerobics are also some great hobbies to achieve your fitness goal.

Woman dancing
Makayla is a medical expert and editor @ WholeYum.


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