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Can You Follow a Keto Diet Long-Term?


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Can You Follow a Keto Diet Long-Term?

Did you know, obesity rates have almost become triple since 1975?

Yes, it has, and it shouldn’t be such a surprising fact. I am considering the dramatic increase in sugar intake and less exercise since the 2nd world war.

Therefore the ways to lose weight have become a national goal. People try from diet to exercise anything that can help them lose weight. This brings us to our subject matter, the keto diet.


What is a keto diet

It is a diet that operates on the principle of a high-fat diet and low carbs. That is, this diet contains food high in fat content, with low carbs property. This diet is very similar to low-carb and Atkins diets. 

The Keto diet works by reducing carbohydrate intake while replacing it with fat. This forces the body to go into a mode known as ketosis. In this mode, with a lack of calories to burn for energy, the body’s metabolism turns to fat and burns at a faster and more efficient rate than usual. As a result of this, the body loses the desired weight.

Can a keto diet be used long-term?

The question is can you follow a keto diet long term? The answer is…

No, you can not follow a keto diet long term. Simple answer, right?

 The keto diet is one of the many diets created to help battle obesity. However, people would like to know if certain drawbacks(the dos and don’t) to this diet.

Alright, let go into proper details on this matter.

What is the standard time a keto diet should follow

A keto diet should not be too long to prevent it from backfiring. However, it should not be too short either. Instead, it should follow its regular average pattern. The diet should be between 3 months minimum to 6months maximum for effective weight loss.

Why can it not be used long term?

The ketogenic diet is effective in the short run. However, it has adverse effects if it continues for a long time.

Some of these effects are;

1.   Lack of proper vitamins

Because this diet encourages eating fatty food with low carbs, other essential nutrients are overlooked. Carbohydrates which are essential to body growth, become scarce and lacking in the body. This is a result of the requirements of the keto diet. 

Not only carbohydrates but other essential nutrients in fruits and vegetables are also lost. This situation must not be left for the long term. Otherwise, it leads to health complications and renders the body susceptible to diseases.

2.    It hinders the ability to exercise

One of the main themes of a keto diet is that it replaces carbohydrates with fat. However, the body is used to and prefers burning carbohydrates for energy while keeping fat in storage. A long-term keto diet may, therefore, cause I’ve body to become sluggish and weak during exercise and other tasking activities.This is due to the body fighting to keep energy while breaking fat at the same time.

Therefore keto diet is not good to maintain for a long time, especially if you are an athlete or engage in energy-draining activities per day.

3.   It can cause possible heart problem

Lack of carb intake for a long time has been linked to heart rhythm problems. Research done by the American College of Cardiology has shown a possible relationship between low carb intake and (AFib). They went through the record of over 40 people over 20yrs and made a discovery. 

People who got fewer calories from fruits and vegetables were more liable to develop (AFib). Meanwhile, more extensive research is still done to validate this discovery. It is not 100% valid.

4.   People afflicted with gallbladder disease should avoid the long term keto diet

A high-fat diet can put pressure on the bile, which is situated in the gallbladder. This is more so if the gallbladder has been removed through surgery before. It becomes more challenging for the high amount of fat to be digested in the body. As a result of this stalemate continues for a long time, bloating, obesity, digestive discomforts are the signs that will indicate this problem.

However, if the keto diet were done for a short period, the body would quickly adjust and cope. It is when it becomes too long that it starts pressuring the gallbladder, and the consequences mentioned above occur.

What foods should be taken during a keto diet

Because one of the main ways a keto diet works is a high fat intake, people think they can eat just any food filled with fat. They take it as an excuse to take unlimited deep-fried chicken, meat, French pasta, and other high-fat food.  However, fatty foods have both positive and negative types. There is fatty food with adverse health effects and vice versa.

The types of high-fat food expected to take during this diet are:

1.    Olive oil

Olive oil contains oleic acid monounsaturated fat, which we can safely conclude is good for the health. According to many types of research, it has been found that olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease. Olive oil does not have any carb content; therefore, with all its attributes, it is a perfect inclusion into the keto diet foods.

2.    Cheese

Cheese varies in type, but most of these varieties are high in fat and low in calories. Cheese fat is the saturated one, and it is high in it. But there is no research or study to indicate that it increases the risk for heart diseases or stroke. Certain researches indicate that it might prevent heart disease. Its high-fat content makes it a perfect candidate for keto diet food inclusion.

3.   Meat and poultry

These two foods are considered traditional food for this diet. Fresh meat is exceptionally high in fat and low in carbs. Women who eat this category of food were tested to have good cholesterol. When selecting meat for consumption, choose the animals that were reared with grass. These types of animals are very healthy and have a lot of nutrition to give in their food.


The Keto diet is a diet that consists of high fat and low carb food content. However, it is not to be done over a long period. 

A long-time keto diet may cause, it can cause lack of proper vitamins, hinders the ability to exercise, and more. The types of food that may be included in olive oil, cheese, meat, and poultry e.t.c.

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What are you waiting for?
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