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Self-Care Food Regimen To Help Reset Your Life


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Self-Care Food Regimen To Help Reset Your Life

A healthy lifestyle does not need you to break a bank. What you need to do is follow a healthy regimen. What does a food regimen entail? How can you develop a healthy food regimen for yourself? What kind of food should you or should you not eat?

This article gives details on a self-care food regimen to help maintain your health.

What is a food regimen?

According to the Cobuild English dictionary, a regimen is a set of rules about food and exercise that some people follow to improve their health. It simply a system of regulated therapy to improve the condition of the body and maintain a healthy life through either exercise or food. Hence, the regimen is of two types; exercise regimen and food regimen. Food regimen involves the systematic course of diet therapy to improve one’s health.

Why the food regimen?

It helps against malnutrition; excessive consumption of a kind of food or a complete meal leads to ill-health. Moreso, deficiency in a macronutrient can also make you prone to sickness. So, you must build a healthy way of feeding for yourself, which you will follow rigorously.

It is often said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” apples and other kinds of fruit are needed in your diet as lack of vitamin C causes scurvy. Too much sugar in the diet makes one prone to diabetes, too little protein causes kwashiorkor; this shows that too much or less is bad for the health.

 Malnutrition is a lead cause of many diseases affecting people worldwide; stroke, cancer, heart disease, diabetes are all from nutritional sources. Hence, a great deal of non-communicable conditions can be reduced to a very minimal level when people become conscious of their pattern of food intake.

More efficient human resources; a healthy person’s standard of living tends to be better than a sick one. Therefore, it is valuable and helpful to create a food regimen that is healthy for oneself. It may be relative to each person according to their income level and previous medical history.

What you need to do is learn about the kinds of food available in your country that meets with the elementary classes of food and also the other ones in the subclasses and fit them into your delicious delicacies. This and some other tips to be discussed afterward will help you make a self-care food regimen that helps maintain your health.

Tips for self-care food regimen

1. Having tea in the morning with journaling

This is a relaxing and great way to start a day. You can’t go wrong there.While sipping your tea in peace with your journal by the side, you can prepare yourself mentally for the day. Get some hot tea coupled with your journal, and start your day most productively.

2. Have green smoothie

One of the healthiest drinks today is a green smoothie. It is a mixture of healthy drinks, fruits, and vegetables such as spinach blended. This drink is guaranteed to get you varieties of nutrients and energy for the body.

3. Stop eating after 7 pm

You might have heard this many times but, there is never too much repetition with this. Do not eat after 7 pm. Take your dinner around 530-630pm. Eating after 7 pm has a lot of health complications it might cause for your health. Not to talk of the mental repercussions.

The food weighs down the stomach overnight and might make you wake up with stomach pain. It can also cause obesity, and stomach fat, which you do not want to happen, right?

4. Be punctual to the dinning

Eat good foods at regular intervals. Do not delay your meals unnecessarily. Your body needs the nutrients supplied by the food you consume to sustain itself. Carbohydrates provide sugar which is much required for all activities you do involve energy. 

Can you imagine practically anything you do that doesn’t need power? Standing, sitting, writing and even reading requires energy. Protein and fats also help to sustain your body for daily activities. Therefore, these three food classes must be present in your meals which you should never skip except for a valid reason.

5. Enjoy the meal moments

Concentrate on your meal-making moments. Properly cook those dishes with the right proportion of ingredients and at the best hygiene level. Please pay attention to your cooking equipment to ensure they are clean and also in good condition. This will improve the quality of your meals and can as well help relieve stress. After hours full of work, you can decide that you want to enjoy cooking. You won’t be surprised you’re energetic.

Furthermore, please concentrate fully while eating. Eating is less energy demanding than cooking, so you enjoy this better. If you’ve got a nice meal, you should carefully get the spoonfuls into your mouth and mesmerize at the delicious taste of your food. Yummy! You become energetic, relieved, and happy.

6. Plan your mealtime ahead

A healthy regimen involves meal planning. Plan on what to eat, when to eat, and which ingredients would be needed to prepare the dishes.

As petty as it may seem, planning is essential as it saves your time. Probably at the start of the week, you should outline how your mealtime will be for the week. This will even help you to fix new dishes into your diet correctly. Do grocery shopping in bulk saves you the stress of going to the market often?

7. Ensure balance

Do not overeat. You can get constipation if your stomach is overfilled with any food, making you uncomfortable and sluggish at work. Too much sugar isn’t for any of the age groups as it will take a long time to digest in your stomach. You sure won’t like that.

Avoid highly sugary snacks; instead, go for fleshy fruits or whole grains. These are healthier than those sugary treats you crave for.

8. Eat varieties

There are six main classes of food available for you, in addition to some other subclasses, eat with numerous examples.

You should eat from all the classes, try to have meals that contain all; that’s a balanced diet. In your meal plan, strategically position it to accommodate various food and some beneficial intakes like chocolates and sometimes wine.

9. Drink water

Water is life. It is an essential need for a healthy lifestyle. It is needed for proper body metabolism and should be taken at regular intervals.

Your body lets out toxic wastes through urine which is mainly constituted of water. An adult man needs to drink an average of 3litres of water daily to live healthily free of toxicity.


Having a set of rules personally set for one’s diet is a step to healthy living. It doesn’t have to be cumbersome for effectiveness. What you need is discipline to follow the therapy routinely.

Eat balanced meals regularly, avoid overeating, and drink plenty of water. In case you’re craving sugar treats, take fleshy fruits instead of those tempting, unhealthy sugary snacks.

What are you waiting for?
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What are you waiting for?
Check out the full recipe book!

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